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This is part 1 of our three part series of the formation of the modern day mafia as Lucky Luciano and Meyer Lansky formed it. Today, we read from, "The Mafia: Encyclopedia Second Edition" by Carl Sifakis. "Lucky" Luciano was one of the most infamous and prolific figures in modern American mob history. Coming to the United Stated when he was 9 years he was already running a "racket"of sorts a year later. Yeah...at 10 years old already hustling kids out of their money. At this time he met Meyer Lansky - reading about next week - and formed a bond that proved business was going to rise! I love reading about the mafia but as you will hear have a hard time glorifying their actions.

Sit back, listen on your drive to work, take your shower, whatever the hell it is you find yourself doing - And ENJOY a new episode of Short...Story...Bingo! 


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