*Explicit Content* In this episode we read another creepypasta classic, "The Sandman"! 


We are back in action you beutiful people!  Creepypasta.com is a gold mine for some of the creepiest stories I haveever read.  "The Sandman" provides a look into a dark fear of losing something so close and not having the power to reverse things. Wonderfully written by Tam Lin, we are taken down a path of no return.  While I was hoping James, the father,  would have just taken his son Daniel out of the home to help the situation, I understood that the story would not have had the same impact...obviously.  My good friend Ben Stine and I sit down, have a few laughs, a few adult beverages, and a whole lotta fun!  Press play, enjoy, like, share, rate and subscribe!





Find the story here:



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