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This is part three of our three part series of the formation of the modern day mafia as Lucky Luciano and Meyer Lansky formed it. Today, we read again as part of our series on Lucky Luciano and Meyer Lanksy from, "The Mafia: Encyclopedia Second Edition" by Carl Sifakis. The SS Normandie was a French cruise ship that was taken out of fleet by way of arson in 1942. A cruise liner that was being converted to a warship was under US control at the time as it was at port in New York City while France was being occupied by Germany. Because of the conflict the US Navy seized the ship and took over to create an aircraft carrier as to not allow this back into the hands of the Germans. At 1,029 feet long and 119 feet wide this was not going to go unnoticed when Lucky Luciano and Frank Anastasia put together the coup to bring the cruise ship down. After the boat capsized, Thomas Dewey yielded to Lucky Luciano and releasing him from his 30-50 year prison term in thanks for keeping the ports safeguarded. 


The Five points gang saw many graduates but none as infamous as Al Capone and Lucky Luciano. Paul Kelly was last to be the figure head of the once infamous regime. The gang began to dissolve in the 1920's, but it was not before bringing into power one of the most central figure heads the modern day mafia has ever seen, Charles "Lucky" Luciano.


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