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Today, we read from, "the Founding Fathers Reconsidered", by R.B. Bernstein. The United States constitution is a living document that continues to be molded by modern day framers. The epilogue that I read from summates the reasoning why we have amendments, why the Bill of Rights has been a ruling body of work for our country. It has been quite the election year, and as wild as it seems I am optimistic. I love this country so much. I have optimism in us, I think that emotionally we have resolve and can figure out how to actually get back to "work" on US and stop instituting divisive rhetoric that is tearing down the civil structure that we have worked so hard to get a few steps ahead.  This podcast hit very close due to the temperature of the nation presently. I wish you all well and hope that we can continue to progress! Be well and enjoy.

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