*Explicit Content* In this episode we read THREE stories from Michael Hervey!


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We have a special one on our hands here people.  Honey is my guest today as we went a little far off the trail and read 3 stories. We have been friends for he better part of 10 years, you can hear that throughout with the dumb banter that follows. I am going to keep it to two stories though from now on haha. Having said that, we recorded outside on location at Scallywags, 3040 State St, Salt Lake City, UT.  So you are going to hear cars, random people yelling, and the occasional motorcycle. It will be as though you were on State Street with us!  I went back to the book "Strange Happenings" because of the content. It is ladened with true stores that had google running on full speed during the episode. We read about the effects of witchcraft, a guy who disappeared, and King Tut's tomb cursing MULTIPLE people! Please visit Honey's site (http://voiceofhoney.com/index.html) and check out her merch and music, she is growing with an already strong following in the SouthWest. So without further or due...SHORT STORY BINGO TIME!

Sit back, listen on your drive to work, take your shower, whatever the hell it is you find yourself doing - And ENJOY a new episode of Short...Story...Bingo! 


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Honey - "The Streets Keep Talking"



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