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*Explicit Content* In this episode we read a little Billy Shakespeare in, "The Comedy of Error's"! Buckle up.


Back in the building and ready to rock as always for the SSB audience!  We dive into the mind of William Shakespeare.  Truly a patriarch for writing playwrights, it was a must to and will be in the future of course reading the stories that he depicts.  I was a little weary about messing up names as that can be the case with vintage ones like Aegeon!  This story starts a little confusing, especially if you were to just read through it.  But, because we don't do that over here I was able to slow the pace a little so that we can all witness this story come to life.  Two brothers, two servants, one father, one mother, and one "fat friend"...Angie and I dive into this head first, you'll be glad you joined!  Press play, enjoy, like, share, and subscribe!


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